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Exodus Chapter 14 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Exodus chapter 14 summary, where the book of Exodus gets its’ official name. In this chapter, the Pharaoh was not officially done with his change of hearts. Even though his son was slain in the firstborn plagues, he had yet another change of heart, maybe out of anger and frustration.

God then commanded Moses to prepare the children of Israel for one final blow to Egypt. The Egyptians (officials) began to have regrets of allowing the children of Israel depart, so they pursued after them.

Some of the children of Israel began to complain out of fear, but Moses told them to not to fear, instead stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

Exodus Chapter 14 Summary

Moses lifted his rod and the sea opened and was divided with a path straight through for the children of Israel to walk, straight through. They began to walk the path of the parted sea, and the Egyptians tried to as well.

When the Egyptians attempted to go after them, their chariot wheels began to loosen and Moses stretched his rod and the sea closed back. To the dismay of the Egyptians, the waters began to close in again; the Egyptians were officially destroyed and overthrown.

There remained not so much as one of them. The Israelites saw the work of God, feared God, believed God, and God’s meek servant, Moses, as they finally exited, I mean, made an exodus out of Egypt.

This is the summary of Exodus chapter 14, glory be to Honor.


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