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Exodus Chapter 10 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Welcome back to our chapter summaries, with Exodus chapter 10 summary. The Lord had given Pharaoh a hardened heart in order for the Lord God to show Egypt and the world His signs and power.

Specifically, he showed his signs to Pharaoh so that Israel will tell everything they witnessed to their children in every generation. Moses and Aaron returned to Pharaoh to tell him about the next plague his nation would see if he refused to release the children of Israel.

The next plague was (drumroll) that of locust all throughout the coasts. The locusts covered the face of the land in so much that no one was able to see the ground. Can we imagine that? The locust devoured all the vegetation in the land of Egypt.

Exodus Chapter 10 Summary

At this point, Pharaoh’s ministers reported to him that Egypt had in effect been completely destroyed. They begged their pharaoh to give the Hebrews up at once so to prevent further damage from their God.

When the locust were removed by God, Pharaoh again changed his mind and decided against releasing the children of Israel. This time God smite Egypt with gross darkness; it was so dark no one could move.

No one wanted to move, for three days no one moved in all of Egypt. In addition, they could not even see one another in the land of Egypt. However, on the other side of the tracks, the Israelites had light in their dwellings.

The Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart so stubbornly that he yelled for Moses to get out and stay out. The king of Egypt told Moses that if he ever came back he would be killed. Moses was not worried, he agreed with his adversary and said he would not see the Pharaoh’s face anymore.

Study Topic: Them Sleeping in the Dust of the Earth

This is the summary of Exodus chapter 10, glory be to Honor, the Holy One of Israel.


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