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Episode 6 – IKOPPI the Bible the Generations Of

Welcome to episode six of “And the Books were Opened,” a Podcast brought to you by Israel Kingdom of Priests Preparatory Institute Bible Study Ministry. Our podcast is going to go into the books that were opened and literally prepare you, with the short time we have left, for the Kingdom of Christ.

Today’s podcast will begin our journey through the books spoken of in the Bible. We’re going to take our time in this portion of the series and episodes so you can be edified in a nice way. The way that feels like a summer breeze hitting your face at a welcoming pace; with a hint of sunshine, with a cup of wine. This wine goes down smooth and does the soothe, soothing job on the joints, keeping you on point. Let’s get into it.

I’m your host for today, brother Liam, and joining me will be Natasha Bee. How’s it going today for you?

I’m well Liam, and to our audience, welcome, and oh my, do we have a great show today full of information that will entertain and educate just about everyone! Just a reminder for new listeners, please take the time to go back and listen to the previous episodes. It will certainly make things plain and clear, adding to your understanding.

Absolutely, go back and listen to those if you haven’t. Today we have a brief, but excellent episode for you. Before we get into it, we have a brief sponsorship promo. This episode is brought to you by has a simple mission. Our mission is to prepare the children of Israel and Gentiles for the arrival of Christ to the earth. We started an institute for sharing vital information and establishing a global community from the housetops.


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