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Chapter Summary: Deuteronomy Chapter 9 Summary

Deuteronomy chapter 9 summary, why the Lord helped the children of Israel? The children of Israel were reminded they should be ready to go over and possess the lands from the nations mightier than they.

God would be with them as a consuming fire leading the way. Moses reminded Israel that they are not possessing the land because of their righteousness sake. No, but instead because of the evil and wickedness of the nations in the land before them.

Also, the Lord their God was performing an oath to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel). The children of Israel are blessedly cashing in on a promise to their great ancestors. Moses also warned them that they were a stiff-necked people who provoke God and had rebelled against Him repeatedly in the wilderness.

Deuteronomy Chapter 9 Summary

Therefore, their deliverance out of Egypt and possession of the land is not for their righteousness at all. They had to bear that in mind. Moses reminded Israel what they did when he went up to receive the two tables of stone written with the finger of God.

The tables of stone are the Ten Commandments, also called the tables of the covenant. Moses reminded Israel of God’s hot displeasure and desire to destroy them and would have had it not been for Moses’ interceding and prayer.

During his intercession, Moses had to remind the Lord that they (Israel) were His inheritance and His people and to remember their forefathers. Praise God for His mercies. This is the summary of Deuteronomy chapter 9.

Praise ye the Lord.


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