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Deuteronomy Chapter 18 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Here in Deuteronomy chapter 18 summary, more statutes and ordinances for Israel to adhere to are given. Some of which are still useful and necessary today. Let’s take a look. Number one, the priests and the Levites have no inheritance in Israel.

They live on the offerings and tithes the people give to the Lord. They do this because God chose them to stand and minister in His name forever before the people. Therefore, if a Levite came within the gates of an Israelite from another tribe, they were to accept him and bring him in and take good care of him.

Deuteronomy Chapter 18 Summary

The Levite, in turn, was to minister to that person. Number two, when Israel came into the land that God prepared for them to have, they were not to learn and do the customs of the nations that were there. The nations in the land before them had abominable ways that the Lord God of Israel detested.

They did things such as make their sons pass through the fire, they used divination, observed times, they were witches, charmers, and they also dealt with familiar spirits. These are abominable to the Most High God.

God commanded Israel to be perfect. Number three (and the last), God promised to raise up in Israel a Prophet to them and this prophet will be like Moses. This is the Prophet to listen to (this Prophet is Jesus the Messiah).

Moses told the Israelites that whoever does not listen to this Prophet, it will be required of that person. The chapter ends as Moses told the Israelites not to heed to false prophets. And this is how to know if a prophet is false; his words will not come to pass.

This is the summary of Deuteronomy chapter 18.


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