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Deuteronomy Chapter 13 Summary


Deuteronomy Chapter 13 Summary

Deuteronomy Chapter 11 Summary

Chapter 13 of Deuteronomy begins with clarification of who a prophet or dreamer is and is not.

If one rises as a prophet or dreamer of dreams and they tell a prophecy or dream that comes to pass, do not run off with that prophet or dreamer. This is especially so if they request or command you follow other gods other than the God of Israel.

If this is done, do not listen nor follow that prophet. God is proving you to know if you are steadfast with your God with all your heart and soul. Instead, such prophet should be put to death for trying to kill you spiritually.

Destroy Your Own Family Members?!

The same goes for Israel’s own family members, whether it is a brother, mother, child, wife, or friend. I can see daughters in laws today wishing this was still the case. Sorry bad joke.

If they entice you to follow another god, first off, do not listen or go with them.

It may seem kind of harsh, but during the early stages of Israel, they were commanded to kill a family member and be the first one to lay your hand upon them, if they attempt to steer you away from your God and King.

This had to be done early on because they sought to thrust you away from the Lord your God. The purpose of this was to put fear in anyone who thought to transgress, to make them think twice on it.

Anyone anywhere in the kingdom who sought to seek another god, if you heard about it, you were to enquire and ask diligently to get hold of the truth.

This is to drive out wickedness and spiritually infected people out of the camp. In doing this, the Lord will bless thee, so it paid to be a snitch.

We pray the Father to add blessings to the reading and doing of His Holy Word through His Son Jesus the Messiah. Amen!

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