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How is Christianity Relevant in Today’s World

Is Christianity Relevant Today –  Click the link to the left to listen to this week’s Sabbath Day Study with Bible Study or listen by playing below:

How is Christianity Relevant in Today’s World

In this audio, Koko Ishe talks about how Christianity is Relevant in Today’s world and also what is the meaning behind the feast days of the Lord. Many times, we get lost in the ways of the world, predominantly the western world lifestyle and Christianity really does not appear relevant or real. Nevertheless, if you get don’t to the true basis of Christian “history” we get a strong understanding and sense of how relevant Christianity is in the world we live in today.

Ishe talks first on Christianity’s relevance and second on the meaning of Jesus’ feast days or festival that are annual. We thank you for joining us and we welcome your questions, support, and love. God bless you. Also we love your feedback so be sure to leave comments with us on this study, “Hos is Christianity Relevant in Today’s World!”

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