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Chapter Summary: Exodus Chapter 22 Summary

Exodus chapter 22 summary continued the judgments. It began with property laws. If a thief was caught stealing and was killed in the process of the owner attempting to recover his goods that were stolen, no one would be guilty of the thief’s blood.

Again, if a thief was caught stealing he or she had to pay double the price or value of what they stole. If a man enticed a woman to lay with him, he had to certainly endow her to become his wife.

There was no fake promises and then back out after they’d lain with each other, mainly she with him (fellas, there was no playing “Turn off the lights” and then clapping them back on after the exchange was made)!

Exodus Chapter 22 Summary

Changing gears, witches were not permitted and even further, if a witch was found, she had to be put to death. Some of these feel like they go without saying, but sleeping with animals like one would do with a woman or man was totally prohibited.

In case Israel missed the memo at Mt. Sinai, there was no sacrificing to other gods; the penalty was death. Very important in this chapter was the judgment towards the stranger.

Israel was commanded not to vex a stranger or oppress them; as well as not to afflict any widow or fatherless child. God would surely hear their cry because God acts as their father. And when the Lord God would hear their cry, God would make the offender’s children fatherless and their spouse a widow.

Lastly, Israel was commanded not to exact interest on loaned money to fellow Israelites. This is the summary of Exodus chapter 22, glory to Honor, the God of Israel.


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