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Chapter Summary: Exodus Chapter 16 Summary

In Exodus chapter 16 summary, the children of Israel took their journey through different wildernesses. The whole while, the entire congregation murmured and complained against Moses and Aaron about different things.

Some people said they’d rather have died in Egypt and remained in bondage than to be freed and hungry in this wilderness. God wasn’t happy with their gripping, but the Lord dealt with it.

He began to rain bread from heaven, another miracle, to see if they would take notice and obey God. Moses and Aaron told the people that their complaining is not against them, as their leaders, but against the God of Israel.

Exodus Chapter 16 Summary

God let the people know He’d heard their grumbling and to prove them God gave them quails, enough to cover the entire camp. In the evening they had quail meat, in the morning they had manna bread throughout the day.

They were instructed on the sixth day to take double amount of manna to suffice the holy Sabbath day of rest. Some people still went out on the sabbath day to gather. The manna is said to have looked like coriander seed but tasted like wafers made with honey.

This is what the children of Israel ate for forty years while in the wilderness, manna. And this is the summary of Exodus chapter 16, glory to Honor, the God of Israel.


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