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Chapter Summary: Exodus Chapter 12 Summary

Here in Exodus chapter 12 summary, we’ll learn about the original institution of the Lord’s Passover. We will also see the death of the firstborn sons of Egypt and the Israelites official exodus out of Egypt. To begin, God instructed Moses concerning the month Abib; that it will be the beginning of months to the children of Israel.

Also, on the tenth day of the month Abib every man is to get a lamb and put it up until the fourteenth day of the month. On the fourteenth day of the month, the congregation will kill the lamb in the evening and put the blood on the two side posts of the door.

They were then to roast the lamb and eat it with unleavened bread and with bitter herbs. It was absolutely imperative that none of the lambs remained in the morning. If some of the lambs were left, it shouldn’t be eaten but burn with fire.

Exodus Chapter 12 Summary

The reason for all of this was that God would pass through the land of Egypt and destroy all the firstborns of the land of both man and beast. If the blood wasn’t on the doorpost every firstborn was a goner (they’d die).

I can see the sheep bleating its Egyptian master to “just put the blood on the door, man!”

God would pass over any house that had the blood on their doorpost and the Passover was an ordinance throughout the land and in every generation forever by a feast. Following the Passover, there was a feast of unleavened bread for seven days.

Leavened bread was put out of the home for seven days. The first and last day of the seven-day feast of unleavened bread was the High Sabbath days of God forever.

The Circumcision and the Passover

At midnight, the Egyptians realized God was not joking at all with His Word and destroyed Pharaoh’s firstborn as well as every firstborn throughout the land of Egypt who had not placed the blood on their doorpost. Egypt finally released the children of Israel from bondage and from their country.

Non-Israelites were required to first circumcise themselves before taking part in the Passover; once they were (circumcised) then they were as the children of Israel. One law is for all people, the Lord commanded.

This is the summary of Exodus chapter 12, glory to Honor.


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