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Chapter Summary: Deuteronomy Chapter 25 Summary

I hope you’re ready to be whipped as a punishment for a crime? This is Deuteronomy chapter 25 summary and good guess, it began with judgment. In the old days, men could be beaten on their bottoms if that was the legal judgment.

They received their beating before or in front of the judge. Most of the time forty lashes was the judgment. The chapter transitions to another judgment or law, the death of a brother without a child. If this happened, the deceased wife does not go “new” hubby shopping; instead, her brother in law was to give her a child.

He also did husband duties for her to raise up seed or offspring for his brother. If the brother refused to perform this duty, he would be shamed and beaten by the elders.

Deuteronomy Chapter 25 Summary

Here is another, if men strove with each other as in they got into a fight, the wife of the men were to stay out of it. They couldn’t help, especially doing something like grabbing the other man by his privates in order to subdue him.

If she did such a thing that would be the last thing she grabbed with that hand. This was because her hand would be cut off. Defend your man, but do not grab the opposing man by his private member.

The chapter concludes as God commanded Israel to have a just weight in their dealings. Also to blot out Amalek for their treatment of Israel upon coming out of Egypt. A just weight means to be fair in judgment. Treat a stranger the same way you would treat a good friend.

This is the summary of Deuteronomy chapter 25.


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