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Chapter Summary Deuteronomy Chapter 23 Summary

Deuteronomy chapter 23 summary began with the types of people who are not allowed to come into the congregation of the Lord. Yes, there were some people Moses did not want in the congregation. This included bastards and men who had their privy members cut off for any reason.

It went on to the Ammonite and Moabite; they were not permitted to enter the congregation. Why? because of what they did to the children of Israel. They decided not to help the Israelites when they came out of Egypt.

They met them not with bread and water when they came out of Egypt. Also, they hired Balaam to curse Israel. They were shut out of the congregation forever and Moses told Israel to do so also. Israel is commanded not to hate an Edomite because he’s really a brother to Israel.

Deuteronomy Chapter 23 Summary

In addition, they are also commanded not to hate an Egyptian either. In the third generation, their children can come into the congregation. Moses gave instructions on how and where to have a bowel movement.

Moses was particular with this because God actually walked in the midst of the camp and didn’t want to see human waste all over the place. The chapter presents a lot of other statutes the God of Israel wanted to be done once the people got in the land.

Vows must be paid, especially vows to the Lord. Lending to the stranger with interest is okay, but not to your brother. These statutes in this chapter are good to live by even to this day!

This is the summary of Deuteronomy chapter 23.


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