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Chapter Summary: Deuteronomy Chapter 22 Summary

Deuteronomy chapter 22 summary, once again began with ordinances. These ordinances were on how to love your brother with examples such as someone’s ox going astray. If someone saw his brother’s ox going awry, the witness shouldn’t hide their eyes as if they did not see the happenstance.

Instead, they’re supposed to bring their brother’s ox back to their brother’s house. Brotherly love and treating one another as we would want to be treated was and is the message God is commanding the children of Israel.

The same process was performed for a man who treated a maid or women poorly. If this was done, the man was brought before the elders (because he devalued the name of a daughter of Israel by taking her as a wife and then putting her out) for presenting false accusations against her.

Deuteronomy Chapter 22 Summary

The dad of the daughter could bring these accusations before the elders. If found guilty the man would be fined. If the accusations were true, the daughter would be stoned because she brought folly in Israel.

Anyone guilty of adultery, both the man and woman, were to be stoned to death. Israel killed guilty parties because it put fear in the hearts of others so they did not commit the same crimes and make it a cultural practice in Israel. In the case of rape, the man is stoned to death.

In consensual sex with a woman, (this was just as if she is married) they were both stoned unless the woman cried out for help. These are things every nation had and has to deal with, this is how the kingdom of Israel dealt with it.

And we’ve summarized Deuteronomy chapter 22.


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