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Chapter Summary: Deuteronomy Chapter 21 Summary

Deuteronomy Chapter 21 summary began with what must be done if a dead body is found in a city. Here is where our unsolved murders received their start. The elders of the city came together and brought the elders of the neighboring city as well.

They called on a priest who brought a heifer. Gruesome alert, gruesome alert! Then they all went into a rough valley and beheaded the heifer. They do this of course if the dead man was killed and they do not know who killed the man.

The men then wash their hands over the heifer and confess their hands did not shed the blood of the innocent man. They also prayed to God to be merciful to His people so that the land is not guilty of a slain man’s blood.

Deuteronomy Chapter 21 Summary

This chapter transitions into what Israel was to do in a war with their enemies while taking spoils and captives. If they saw a captive who was a beautiful woman and they want to bring her home as a wife it was permissible. However, they had to follow a certain ordinance.

Part of the ordinance included shaving her head, and before he could come together with his captive wife (intimately), she was permitted thirty days to mourn the loss of her father, mother, and family. The chapter also speaks on men who had two wives.

They were required to love their wives equally and whomever of the wives had children first, the first son received the birthrights. It is also documented in this chapter that parents with stubborn rebellious children could bring them before the elders for physical correction.

They could even be stoned to death if that was necessary. Israel had serious ordinances established. The chapter ends with the command not to allow a criminal’s dead body to remain on a tree overnight (if the criminal was executed).

This would curse the land, and this is the summary of Deuteronomy chapter 21.


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