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Chapter Summary: 1 Samuel Chapter 20 Summary

Chapter Summary: 1 Samuel Chapter 20 Summary

1 Samuel Chapter 20 Summary

Chapter 20 begins with the young general David leaving the prophet Samuel presence and finds his great friend Jonathan. He came asking Jonathan what great sin has he committed that has made Saul so upset with him.

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Sad story alert.

Jonathan tries to comfort David with words, but David is trying to figure out what to do about the new moon monthly meetings he’s to have with the king. If he doesn’t show up, he’s giving reason for Saul to attack him more.

David asks Jonathan for help with the monthly new moon meeting the king has with his cabinet. David asked Jonathan to cover for him and if Saul gets really mad, then David will have to break away and go into hiding, but if not then he’d return in 3 days.

When the new moon meeting came, Saul noticed David wasn’t there but made no noise of it. The second day, he asked Jonathan where David was. Jonathan told him he had some business to take care of with his family, and Saul became liveit.

He threw his javelin at his own son Jonathan, called him names and told him he doesn’t understand as long as David is alive, the kingdom will be his. So Jonathan left sad because he knew David could no longer stay with them or he’d be killed and he was upset that his father shamed him in front of everyone.

Jonathan sent the message to David. They met together and embraced as they cried heavily knowing that it will be one of the last times they will ever see each other alive. They made a covenant between themselves and their seed after them to always be friendly with each other.

Tears filled their eyes, and now tears fill our eyes also! This is 1st Samuel chapter 20 summary.

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