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Chapter Summaries: Genesis Chapter 9 Summary

Genesis Chapter 9 Summary

Genesis Chapter 9 Summary

What does Genesis chapter 9 summary have for us? It begins with God commanding Noah and his sons to become fruitful and multiply, in order to replenish the earth. However, a few things changed for Noah’s generation than it was during the days of Adam.

Number one, God breaks the bond and covenant between animal and mankind. From this point forward, God implemented the fear and dread of mankind onto each animal. Likewise, animals, from that day forward, were and are dreadful of humans and will respond with defense, and even offense.

The beasts of the earth will operate by any means necessary if they feel threatened. In addition to the dread and fear, God also opens clean animals to the menu for the man to consume. Mankind just went from vegans to carnivores (as an option).

God Establishes a Covenant in Genesis Chapter 9

The tradeoff is that some animals now have mankind on their menu as well. The chapter segues into the establishment of a covenant with God and mankind. The covenant detailed how the Lord personally assured mankind the Heavenly Kingdom would not destroy the earth with a flood ever again.

In addition, the Lord gave His sign or token of the covenant by the rainbow seen in the sky after storms or sun showers. The chapter, unfortunately, ends with the story of Noah cursing his grandson Canaan for a mishap brought upon by his dad, Ham.

It went like this, Noah had a lot to drink one day and was uncovered within his tent. His son Ham mocked him, but his other two sons respectfully covered him. When Noah got up and learned what took place, he cursed his grandson Canaan, and blessed Shem’s God, making Canaan Shem’s servant. Noah lived a total of 950 days before passing onto the way of death.

This is the summary of Genesis chapter 9.


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