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Chapter Summaries: Genesis Chapter 33 Summary Reloaded

Genesis chapter 33 summary is a plain peanut butter jelly sandwich, but it has a major punch at the end. In Genesis 33, Jacob approached a day and moment he dreaded and feared. It was the day and moment he reunited with his twin brother Esau.

Ohhh yes! The problem was that Esau came to the meeting with 400 men. This certainly added to Jacob’s fears. However, the second son of Isaac muscled up the courage and met. When they meet, they embraced cried and kissed each other over the years they’d been apart.

Genesis Chapter 33 Summary Reloaded

Aww, all that fear for nothing, it was all in his head. They were happy to catch up and see what they have done over the last twenty years. They presented each other with their families, they shared gifts, and play a little macho game of “I have enough, you keep it,” with each other.

After the peaceful reunion, they departed and Jacob settled in Succoth, then to Shalem, a city in Shechem in the land of Canaan. He purchased land from the sons of Hamor and built an altar there. Israel called the altar El Elohe Israel, meaning the Mighty God of Israel.

This is the summary of Genesis chapter 33!


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