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Chapter Summaries: Genesis Chapter 20 Summary

Genesis Chapter 20 Summary

Welcome to Genesis chapter 20 summary, and this chapter is about Abraham’s journeys. The father of the faithful journeyed to Gerar, a south country where he was entertained by the local king named Abimelech.

Abraham declared Sarah to be his sister out of fear of losing her. Abimelech took her into his bedchamber to be one of his wives. However, God intervened by giving Abimelech a terrible dream. The Lord even promised him death if he even as much as touched Sarah.

Abimelech pleaded with God stating that he didn’t know she was married. He also innocently and with the integrity of heart chose her to be his wife. Since God knew this, God still gave him the choice, return her or face death.

When Abimelech woke up the following morning, he called in all of his servants and reported his dream to them. He also called in Abraham immediately. Abimelech accused Abraham of nearly making him commit a great sin (adultery).

The chapter ends with the two parties settling the score and Abimelech blessed Abraham and Sarah. As the real power couple left Gerar, God healed Abimelech’s household. This is the summary of Genesis chapter 20.


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