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I'm Not Trying to Ruin Your Christmas, BUT...Go into the mind of a man who has been forced to do a specific job that will destroy the world’s economies, businesses, and a resting security many people have. The job is ruining Christmas for all Christians! Koko Ishe has been summoned by the top officials of the Universe, stuffed into an abandoned warehouse, and forced to read about Christmas from historical sources and also from the bestselling book of all times. He is then ordered to share what he has read with everyone that celebrates Christmas.

Initially he tries to get away only to be cornered and trapped, ultimately beaten and brought into the warehouse under strict security. There he was forced to study and write and produce a manuscript approved by the Universal Council in 30 days flat. If he failed he would meet his demise! In this manuscript Ishe shows all the downfalls of why Christians should not celebrate Christmas. If you do not want your Christmas ruined this year or in the years following do not pick up this book!




There are misconceptions in nearly everything in the world, every subject, and even every event. The Bible and Christianity is no different. The 7 great lies all Christians believe …even the good ones, aims to point out 7 of the leading subjects of the Bible  the majority of Christians believe and commonly say consciously or subconsciously all while not knowing they are telling a fib.

The author believes that if these 7 great mishaps are not adhered to, they continue to poison Christianity and make it a mockery as it has been for the last few generations. These lies nearly void Christianity as a religion. The author expresses 7 crucial lies told in mainstream Christianity that nearly every Christians believes!

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Before the shores of America black African empires existed. They had kingdoms, riches, wisdom, and famous leaders. However, slavery became a part of their history as the nation decided to walk away from the very things that made them excel. Blacks in America created this extremely dark side of their history, and have shown extraordinary strength to survive and enduring the harshest treatment possibly suffered by a people.

The Dark Side of Black History is a story to illustrate the troubled past the Black American has had within Christianity and how this troubled past has ruined their thriving nation even today. This chaotic history has also helped to bring a negative aspect to the world and it affects every person on the planet.

The author believes every black family in the Americas (North, South, Central America and the Islands) needs to learn and know about the Dark Side of Black History in order to make proper solutions in moving forward as a people. The author illustrates the story of how black Americans took plight; however he details the exact method and remedy to return to greatness!

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Is Jesus the Unknown God is a question that many people would never think to ask. Have you ever thought you knew someone, but realize you really didn’t? People believe they know someone just because they watch their life on TV, or are a big fan of the person, have read their books, and from this people generally believe they know someone. It is an illusion in the brain to believe you know someone that has never met you. This can also be the case in spiritual matters. Often times, people, especially Christians, will claim to know Jesus Christ. They really have heard of Jesus, from family, friends, church, TV church, or TV programs, and of course YouTube. Nevertheless, people do not go deep into the scriptures to know of Jesus, and because of this, God can be unknown to people like this.

In this book, Is Jesus the Unknown God, the author simply wishes to present to the reader a different perspective of Jesus not commonly taught about from the pulpit or portrayed by the media. During the days of Paul the apostle, many people were in search of a god (saviour) but had no clue who they were serving. At Mars Hills, Paul was working on the people attempting to show them the unknown god, whom they had no clue about. Paul’s declaration was that the unknown god to plenty of people is none other than Jesus Christ.

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We only pray these books are edifying to you and your walk in the Lord God of Israel. God bless you in Jesus name!


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