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Blessings this Passover 2014 bids you a HAPPY PASSOVER – and we are so happy to be around another year, and we’re even more happy if you can read this right now.

If you are not aware of the full details and ordinance surrounding the passover, I will turn your attention to our lesson on the Passover, you can find here! 2013 Passover Bible Study!

The Passover is such a critical subject for more and more Christians to study and understand. You see, God works by us through our faith and works. Jesus died for our sins, but we have to do our part. We have to make sure we take of His blood and cover our sinful, dirty selves with His blood.

Happy Passover in 2014

While our sins have been forgiven through the blood of Christ, we have a renewing of the mind through the pure washing of our mind with His HOLY Word.

I truly hope you had a chance to drink of His blood and eat of His body in symbolic form this night, through the bread and the wine, and you certainly were able spiritually through His Word, because “the flesh profited nothing.”

The words, that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life!

Trust and consume the Words of Jesus, that is the true Passover.

So shall we not drink of the ordinance of the bread and wine?

God forbid!

That is the true ordinance that is to be kept in all generations, in its’ season.

Tomorrow will begin the first night of the feast of unleavened bread for seven days. It is a High Sabbath, we wish you well and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Blessings and Happy Passover 2014!


Brother Ishe


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