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Bible Christmas Story

The Bible Christmas Story

The Bible Christmas story unfortunately takes place in only one location in the Bible. And this location is in Matthew chapter 2. The story says that Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the  days of Herod the king, three Wiseman came from the east to Jerusalem to worship Jesus.

These three Wiseman came and asked where the king of the Jews would be born. They obviously knew about the prophecy concerning the coming Messiah, who is known as Jesus Christ, who was born to be king over Israel.

The Christian church takes the celebration of Christmas directly from this chapter, predominately because this is where  the birth of Jesus Christ comes from.

Outside of this chapter there really is not a Bible Christmas story besides other Gospels that mention the birth of Jesus Christ. Still in this chapter, we will not find the word Christmas, and more important than that we will not even see the time, date, or year in which Jesus to Christ was born.

It is commonly thought to be December 25th, but many scholars have problems with that time of year. Therefore it becomes a bit sketchy to go off into a widely celebrated holiday that emphasizes a Bible Christmas story that has very little of the details we see in Christianity and Christmas today. wishes to rewrite the Bible Christmas story and share with you what the Bible actually has to say about this wonderful time of year and holiday billions of people around the world celebrate. You may be astonished and all the ingredients found in the Christmas celebration from its historical aspect, all the way to the scriptural references.

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Bible Christmas Story


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