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What Does the Bible Say About Animals Going to Heaven

The Kingdom of Man and Beast
This is rather a weird and difficult topic to write on, but it was a question sent in, so we are going to answer it according to the Holy Scriptures.  I write this with sympathy to all animal lovers out there, because I have come to learn that people believe and treat their pets or animals as if they were their own children.  And we sometimes get the discussion that animals are better to manage than (human children), and less of a headache as they get older; I know that being too blunt in this matter may strike some nerves.  I am aware of this, but my first duty is to explain what the Bible says on the matter and not what I feel about a matter.  This is why this is a Bible study ministry; we only present what is written in the Bible.


When we look at the creation of God, we will note that the animals were created for man’s purpose.  They were for his amusement, entertainment, and later became part of man’s menu.   The conversation of eternal life was never presented to the animals (at least not where we can read it).  We also must get a better understanding of the phrase, “Going to heaven,” because Heaven will be right here on the earth.  This will begin at the return of Jesus the Christ, and during Christ reign on the earth, he will implement long life again.  During Jesus’ thousand year reign on the earth (the Sabbath day), you’ll be considered a child even at 100 years of age (Isaiah 65 v20).


In addition to this long life of man, there will be no more enmity against man and beast.  The lion will be your friend just as much as the good ole trusted dog.  You’ll get to play with snakes and other wild beast, and they will not harm you (Isaiah 11 v6-9).  This happens in Jesus’ Kingdom.  This is the millennial period, which is the final day of God’s seven days for man.  Man was given seven to get ready for the Father (Leviticus 23 v1-3).  The Father is set to join us on the Eighth Day, which is the official Kingdom of God.  At this point no man exists.  All men have been judged and changed over to spirit beings (1st Corinthians 15 v50).


The problem for animal lovers is that the scriptures do not say animals will be in the Kingdom of God.  The animals were made for ‘mans’ entertainment and purpose, not for God.  We do not know if they will be necessary in the Father’s Kingdom.  For instance, there is no sea or bodies of water in the Father’s Kingdom (Revelation 21 v1).  That being the case, where does the great whale live?


What does the Bible say about animals going to heaven?  It does say this and neither does it say they will not be in the Kingdom of the Father.  However, if you make it into the Father’s Kingdom, you will be part of the God family with the power and can create yourself (possibly) a cat or horse that you can keep forever.


God bless you in the name of Jesus.  Amen



Kwamee Mohammad



Lay in on this: if you’ve found scripture that suggest animals will be in the Kingdom of the Father’s (because we know they will be in the Son’s Kingdom), leave it in the comments section or write us at biblestudy at – God bless you!


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