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And the Books Were Opened Bible Study Ministry Series

Just before the great day of the Sovereign Lord, Christ comes, there will be turmoil even greater than what we’ve been witnessing since the year 2020. During that year, 2020, spiritually speaking, the books were opened. What books? The sealed books prophesied to come at the time of the end.

These were opened. This time period is the forerunner and precursor to the time period in which Christ will come down, in person, and detain the enemies of God. At that same time, after the earth is subdued to Christ, He will open the books (many of which we will share with you in this series) and teach out of them. He will condemn many people, yet many will be awakened to everlasting life.

Tens of thousands of thousands will stand before Christ and hear from the books, which were opened. This is stated by the prophet Daniel (chapter 7 verse 10) and also by John the revelator. John states it in chapter 20 verse 12 of his writings.

And the Books Were Opened Bible Study Ministry Series

The books are opened and in this presentation, we are going to share with you the books that are opened. For those who are calling on the Sovereign Lord in this hour to receive revelation, your prayers are about to be answered. Your reception of these books very well determines your name in the other book that was opened along with these; the book of life.

If you have taken the time to listen to or read our podcast program on What is the Bible? And The Bible Has Been Tampered With, you know by now that the Bible is a collection of Holy writings. These writings come from a specific bloodline of men and women, they are the seed of Seth to Noah, to Shem to Abraham, and from Abraham to Israel and the twelve tribes.

Different men and women from this family wrote writings as they were moved by God; the conflict is that as a nation, they began to move away from their Creator and God, and thus, calamities and curses fell upon them.

The Records Confiscated

Their records were hidden in caves and any other place the Sovereign Lord commanded the writer to hide the books and those that were not taken away were confiscated by their captors. These oppressors came in many forms, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome, but especially Rome.

Rome came and changed many of the writings and with the help of “turncoat” Israelites, the Romans were able to change many of the writings, adding and subtracting, and confusing the people.

The Romans canonized the Bible or otherwise known as the collection of books and gave us 66 books. But Ezra alone said he wrote 204 books. So in our generation, where the books have been opened, it is the job of our modern-day seers, scribes, and priests to determine the books of authorization.

204 Books

These books will have the Testimony of the Son, and teach the law of the Gospel. In this document, we just want to show you the books that the books say existed; another way to say that is we want to show you the books that your Bible says existed.

We understand the current version of these books today would also have alterations made to them also. Nevertheless, the idea and key for us are to gather the records and see for ourselves, the Spirit leading, which are meant for us and which we can burn.

Ancient Records

There is a book researched and written by P.J. Wiseman. He was an officer in the Royal Air Force (RAF). PJ was in the Accountancy Branch from when it was founded in 1918 until he retired. PJ retired ranked as an Air Commodore.

He did a lot of traveling and studied much in the Middle East. PJ’s brother is a man named Donald Wiseman who updated his brother’s works. Donald was an archaeologist and epigraphist (one who studies ancient inscriptions). 

The Wiseman brothers presented in their book, Ancient Records and the Structure of Genesis, with an often overlooked theory. This theory states that fragments of the book of Genesis were a series of documents. These documents were strung together long after the times of Moses and the exiles of Israel.

These are the Generations of…

The way to tell whose document is whose is by a clever little phrase seen throughout the book of Genesis (and other books also). The phrase is, “These are the Generations of.” These are records written by the head of that family. We will examine these throughout this series.

Later on, when Moses met with the Sovereign Lord, he was given the accounts also. However, the original record was written by the father of that family, the chief elder, or the high priest.

We will begin in the beginning, the book of Genesis.

Repent and be baptized for the remission of sins. And receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and you too will be saved. You can then work on saving your household and community by also sharing this Light. Welcome back to the Kingdom of Priests.

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Elder Ishe

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