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A King Like the Other Nations Meaning

Welcome to; your online Bible Study Supplement source. Today, we have a study titled, A King Like the Other Nations. It is based on the children of Akobe (Jacob) and their request to have a king like the other nations. They made this request during the days of Samuel and Saul in the history told in 1 Samuel Chapter 8! The depth of this is to be considered, and the ramifications to be deeply thought upon.

Let’s go.

Consider this, when the House of Akobe asked Samuel for a king like all the other nations, all the other nations were under the authority of the serpent (at that time). The Creator plainly told them through His prophet how life would be under a king like the other nations.

It’s like a parent telling a child how the child’s life would progress when they dated a certain type of individual or befriended a certain group of friends. Most people look at the glitz, glamor, and glory of the “newer” situation. They often overlook that there is more than meets the glitz and glamor eye. They overlook the average and not so glorious side to these things that initially look so great. Having a king like all the other nations may have looked good and sounded good, but then there were the details.

The Details

As we really dive into it, it reads EXACTLY like Genesis chapter two and verse sixteen. The woman appeared to have adopted an inferior role to the man on the earth. In this case, the female once again became subject to the male. When Adam and Eve went away from the Almighty Power to the lowly serpent, their lives changed dramatically.

When the House of Akobe went from the ALMIGHTY of Akobe, the Great Spirit, as their King to what ultimately turned out to be Baal as their king, their lives changed drastically also. Unfortunately, the world (at large) doesn’t think too well of the scriptures. And for those who do, at times more often than not, they think of the scriptures purely from a human or physical/flesh point of view.

Here is what we mean; in the book of Samuel, the children of Akobe requested a king like all the other nations. They desired for this king to rule over them. In the realm of the earth, the spirit world rules over the flesh.

When Adam rebelled, he dismissed the Creator as His Strength and Authority…

…replacing the Almighty with the serpent. This act of removing the Creator and serving an underlying “power” is displayed in many of the stories of the Bible. For instance in Ezekiel. In the book of Ezekiel, the word of the Sovereign Great Spirit came to Ezekiel to tell the “prince” of Tyrus that strangers and terrible nations would come against him and his country.


Because he lifted his heart in arrogance and he thought, to himself, that he was the Almighty. And he believed that he sat in the seat of the Almighty in the middle of the seas (Africa). However, the Great Creator had to remind him that he was merely a man and not a Force. Although he was wiser than Daniel he would still be brought low, slain in the midst of the seas.

This message was towards the prince of Tyrus or Tyre.

In the same space, a lamentation is sung for the “king” of Tyrus. The lament began by saying that the “king” of Tyrus had sealed up the sum, was full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty. He was in the Garden of the Almighty, of Eden with every precious stone as his covering (Ezekiel 28).

The prince of Tyrus was a man. He was ruled by the king of Tyrus, a spirit. The serpent who communed with Eve and duped her in the garden is the same spirit who is deceiving the prince of Tyrus. The point is we humans appoint leaders and the leaders answer to a spirit, be it the Great Spirit or false and even evil spirits, is the determining factor.

Daniel spoke towards the same semblance as that of Ezekiel when he wrote that it must be understood for men to know that the Most High Creator is Ruler over the kingdom or realm of man, and gives it to whomever He will (Daniel 4:17). We are either serving the Almighty and Everlasting Father or false deities. We are either stewards of the Almighty and Everlasting Father, the Father of spirits, or false spirits (demons).

These powers and principalities are real entities with authority over different nations of the earth.

They gained this authority in the Garden when the earth (as an operating system) was handed over to the serpent and his angels. So, with this understanding, as we read about the request of the children of Akobe to have a king much like the kings of the other nations, it should ring differently.

We typically think this refers to the physical king, the man, such as Saul, who was appointed for the nation of Akobe. Saul was called the king, but he was really the prince. Does that make sense? King Saul was really the prince or the captain over the people from the point of view of the realm of spirits. The King over the nation would be or was the Great Spirit of Akobe, SoNiNi NaNiNi (biblically said as I AM that I AM).

When the children of Akobe requested another king like that of the other nations…

…they removed SoNiNi NaNiNi as their king. This was why the Great Spirit SoNiNi NaNiNi told Samuel to listen to their voice and give them what they were asking for. The Sovereign Great Spirit of Host knew what the people were asking. The Almighty gave them what they asked for.

By the Celestial law of free will, we get what we ask for. He gave it to them in anger and in frustrated disappointment (Hosea 13:11). However, the Great Spirit told Samuel to witness to them the rights of the “king” they requested. The king like the other nations will behave like the kings of the other nations.

Their king would have, as his rights, as he rules over them, will be as the nations around them. This is the king of Tyrus, the serpent, who was full of wisdom, perfect in beauty, and was in the garden of the Almighty, whom Saul would consequently serve.

This king’s prince (king = serpent, prince = Saul or earthly ruler) would have the right to take the sons of the nation and appoint them to his chariots or his henchmen. He appoints some captains over thousands, captains over hundreds and fifties, and tillers of his fields. He appoints them reapers of his harvest, smiths of his arms (weapons), and smiths of his chariots.

Essentially, he just hijacked the nation’s sons and forced labor onto them.

What will he conduct towards their daughters? The king they requested will allow his prince (the king mankind sees and has access to) to take their daughters, our daughters, our women, to be makers of his ointments (confectionaries), his cooks, and his bakers.

This is why men have for so long pertained a woman to “make his meals!” The king will take your fields, vineyards, olive yards, and all the best of your fields, and give them to his officials. Do not governments and big clusters of families own the fields today, even after we’ve purchased the land? We still often owe taxes on the land, ongoing.

These are residual effects of choosing a king like the other nations or speaking with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The king, they choose, will allow his prince to take a tenth of their crops and vineyards, and pay his officers and other governing chamberlains with it. Sound familiar? The king will take away their workers (male and female).

And their best young men (most brilliant minds).

And their donkeys (best transportations), and they will come work for him. Today, when our communities produce a “genius,” he or she is snatched away to work for NASA or another government entity. The king that the children of Akobe chose would take a tenth of their flocks and also make them his servants.

At last, they will cry out because of their king and his prince, both of whom they have chosen, but the Great Spirit will not hear them at that time. Just as the body follows the spirit, so it is in the earth; humans are ruled by the spirit world. The spirit world uses humans to operate their hands, at least for this week; for these seven days, this is the mode of operation.

Let’s make this plain:

the Great Creator of Akobe, SoNiNi NaNiNi, is king and He set up a prince. For the sake of this example, Adam. Satan, who was never a king, duped Adam and Eve taking dominion in the earth. Satan now has a stake as ruler of all the nations, such as the king of Tyrus. The Most-High then established a way to gain back control of the earth with a man named Abram and his descendants via the children of Akobe.

Are you with me? Good.

The Almighty then became King over the house of Akobe and rescued them out of Egypt to be His people. Still there? Great! The house of Akobe along with any other people within the nations of the earth who chose to join, came with the people of Akobe. However, the house of Akobe eventually rebelled and requested their former king in Egypt, Satan. Satan established his own princes to rule before men. This is where men such as Jeroboam or Yeroboam and Ahab come from.

Okay, let’s stay focused because this began with the punishments or consequences for the actions Adam and Eve took in the garden. These consequences still have a direct and lasting effect on the creation of the Almighty today. When the Great Spirit said to Eve that her desire would be for her husband and her husband would rule over her; this is the manner of the king she chose to serve, who is the serpent.


Eve, and women today do not know that the serpent debases women. The treatment of women today is not the Almighty’s idea or the workings of men and women. It is not His ideals at all, it is the serpent’s ideal and workings.

In order to truly get equal rights and pay and all the inherent nature given to women, women must stop fighting for rights. They must not target men as their enemy either. Remember, we wrestle not against flesh and blood. True women of the Almighty Creator of Heaven and earth should repent and return to their Creator and King, the Almighty.

The same goes for Adam or men.

They must subject themselves with all humility to the cup of coffee they have poured. A cup they poured despite the current bitterness it may take on them. Adam also had a problem in the garden when the Great Creator passed out sentencing and judgment. Yes, men also had consequences in the garden of the Almighty for their actions.

The Most-High said to Adam because he listened to his wife and disobeyed His command, the ground had been cursed on his account. This is the result of his rebellion against his Creator. Only after much travail (arduous and painful exertion, excessive labor), will a man get food from it all the days of his life. In other words, sowing and reaping have been multiplied much like child labor.

Who knows, prior to Adam’s rebellion, he could have dropped a seed in the ground and twenty-four minutes later, he would have had a full tree. Today, it is arduous and excessive to work the land. In addition to this, the earth will bring forward thorns and briars to mankind and we will now eat the herbs of the earth with rigorous labor at the sweat of the face will we eat bread. Although much of this was reversed with the covenant with Noa, it was still a sentence.

Mankind would collectively agree this was not a good bargain.

It will be like this until we return to the earth, of which we were taken out of. Do we still want the serpent king or do we want the King of kings? Furthermore, coats of skins were made to cloth Adam and his wife. And the Great Creator made it clear to the spirit realm that Adam had become made like them, to know good and evil and was ordered to be removed from His garden.

He was ordered to be removed so he would not also take the Tree of Life. And subsequently developed the ability to live without end in his rebellious state! Thus, he and his wife were removed from the Garden of Eden and they went to work on the grounds of the earth.

Cherubims with flaming swords were placed to guard or keep the way of the Tree of Life. From this point forward, the creation of the Creator is in a rebuilding process. The Great Spirit is now managing a house that possesses rebels right along with those who diligently obey.

Think of the parable, wheat, and tares.

The Creator will now move to a plan to repair or salvage those who are His. Remember the wheat is now growing among the tares. The house (heavens and earth) has been compromised by an insurgent rebellion so that the operating system is no longer the Creator’s.

The computer, the earth, is His, but the operating system has a major virus on it, which is the spirit, that is the operating system men are under. Mankind is now under the workings of Satan. The system is now running on and by the serpent’s drive.

The serpent’s spirit directs the earth and the Great Spirit must now redeem the earth’s operating system or spirit back to that of the Heavenly Celestial Kingdom. This is why the Great Spirit desired and commanded for house of Akobe to obey His voice. The Sovereign Spirit would be their King. His glory and influence they would seek, and they would glorify the earth with His will. It did not go as planned.

It is evident by what we see and hear today!


Join us again for more Bible Studies!

Be strong and very courageous

Minister Koko

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