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5 Minute Studies: God’s Law Intangible and Pure


God’s Law Intangible and Pure in 5 Minutes

This video is a short Bible study expressing God’s Law, they are untouchable and pure. The kingdom on earth began with Adam and Eve, but took a detour because of rebellion.

The kingdom restarted again with a small group of descendents of Abraham who were known as the children of Israel, whom God took out of Egypt.

A Great King Over All the EarthThe first thing God says to these people is that if they keep His ways they will be a kingdom of priests to Him and a holy nation.

God then proceeds to speak with them directly from the mountain Sinai in smoke, fire, lightening, thunder, and blasting trumpets.

All the dramatics were simply to introduce Himself, His Power, His Glory, and His ways to the children of Israel including the mixed multitude of nations of people who came out of Egypt with the Israelites.

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