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2 Samuel Chapter 7 Summary: Chapter Summaries

2 Samuel Chapter 7 Summary will share a message from the LORD to David and David in turn blessings the LORD. The chapter began as David developed the desire to build God a house.

The son of Jesse figured he dwelled or lived well in a palace, but God was in a tent. God was still in a nearly billion-dollar moveable tabernacle/tent, and David thought that should change.

If he had a palace as king, the LORD should have a Temple Palace as LORD. David shared his thoughts with Nathan the prophet. Nathan advised David (without the counsel of the LORD) to do all that was in his heart because God had been with him.

2 Samuel Chapter 7 Summary

However, God sent Nathan to tell David not build the tabernacle for Him. God never had anyone build Him anything, so He didn’t need or want a tabernacle.

The LORD further commanded David that when He died, God would have David’s Son establish His Kingdom and David’s Son would build a house for God’s name. God would also establish the Son of David’s kingdom forever.

Just for edification, this was not speaking of Solomon, as Solomon’s kingdom came and went. God said to David, God would be his son’s Father and this Son would be God’s Son.

In addition, if this Son committed iniquity, God would correct Him with the rod of men and the stripes of the children of men. However, God’s mercy would not depart from the Son of David as it did with Saul (Just so we are clear on this, this Son would become the Messiah from God, Jesus).

Through David’s Son (the Anointed One), David’s kingdom would be established forever. After all of this, David was overwhelmed and asked God, why was he receiving all of this?

He asked, who was he to have these great blessings from the great God of the whole world? David was speechlessly grateful to God. David asked God to do as He has said He would and establish the house of David forever, and the Son of David also.

This is the summary of 2 Samuel chapter 7, glory to the Son of David.


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