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2 Samuel Chapter 24 Summary: Chapter Summaries

2 Samuel chapter 24 summary began as David was used by God to work a folly. This folly kindled the anger of the LORD against Israel. What was the folly?

David decided to number the children of Israel, which was not supposed to be done (Numbers 1:49). Nevertheless, even against Joab’s resistance, the king’s word prevailed and they numbered the people. Numbering the people was like taking a census.

It took them nearly ten months and they found out Judah had 500,000 men. However, shortly after this, David realized he’d made a terrible mistake. He confessed before God, but God sent him a message to choose his punishment.

2 Samuel Chapter 24 Summary

Gad, David’s seer, came and offered David three consequences to choose from. Here were David’s choices; he could have seven years of famine in the land. Number two, three months of running from your enemies, or three, three days of pestilence in the land.

David chose the shortest duration of the choices. The shortest duration rested on having three days of pestilence from the LORD. David figured God would have mercy; He did, God only destroyed seventy-thousand (70,000) men.

God even allowed David to see the angel with the sword stretched out in his hand over the city Jerusalem. The LORD repented of the evil and commanded the angel to stop.

God Was Finally Intreated for the Land

When David saw the destruction, he petitioned God to destroy his house and not the innocent people of the land who had nothing to do with his decision to number the people.

Gad informed David to build an altar and offer sacrifices to the LORD to stop the plague completely. This was what David did; he bought land and an altar from a man named Araunah.

The man wanted to give the land and the altar to David for free. David refused to receive something for free to offer to God (hint, hint). David got the altar and made an offering to God and the plague was discontinued. God was intreated for the land.

This is the end and summary of 2 Samuel chapter 24, and the end of the book second Samuel. Glory to the God of the Heavens.


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