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2 Samuel Chapter 16 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Welcome to 2 Samuel chapter 16 summary and we’ll begin by saying, “Poor David.” The chapter began as Ziba, the servant of Mephibosheth, met with David providing things the king could use while in his stay in the wilderness.

David asked Ziba where was his master, Mephibosheth? Ziba informed the king of the comforting news (we say that sarcastically) that Mephibosheth was not coming and was not in support of David.

Instead, the son of Jonathan was patiently waiting for the house of Israel to be restored back to him and his father, Saul’s house. The king (David) was over there helping people who wanted him out the entire time.

2 Samuel Chapter 16 Summary

The head of Israel was later met by a son of Benjamin from the house of Saul named Shimei. This man came cursing and hurling stones at David. He called David a bloody man and David humbly allowed him to vent his anger, although David’s men wanted to kill the man on the spot.

David figured if his own son ran him out of Jerusalem, what was the house of Saul going to feel like doing? The chapter began to wind down. It concluded with Absalom and his men of counsel, primarily Ahithophel, and the return of David’s chief counselor, Hushai.

Hushai worked as a double agent for David. During their daily meetings, Absalom asked both of his counselors what he should do? Ahithophel suggested Absalom go into (sleep with) his father’s concubines that were left behind.

Lewdness of Absalom

This lewd act would show the people he was truly finished with his father, David. Absalom actually listened to that nonsense and went into his father’s concubines.

He must have really hated his dad. He took Ahithophel’s counsel because Ahithophel’s counsel at that time was like receiving counsel from God.

Ahithophel was usually spot-on, so people listened to him, both David and Absalom. However, this counsel was wicked, offensive, and unethical. This is the summary of 2 Samuel chapter 16, glory to the HIGHEST.


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