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2 Samuel Chapter 14 Summary: Chapter Summaries

2 Samuel Chapter 14 Summary follows the reunion of David and his son Absalom. It began with Joab, David’s captain. He perceived David’s mind was set on Absalom, his son and not on his kingly duties.

Joab then tried to get the king out of his rut by sending a woman in to speak with him with a situation similar to his own. Joab actually told this woman what to say.

She told a story about her two sons who’d gotten in a fight and one killed the other. The family demanded the other son to be killed and she was distraught.

2 Samuel Chapter 14 Summary

Any mother would become distraught because now she would lose both sons and her husband (who was dead) would not have his name carried on. David promised her that nothing would happen to her remaining son.

Before she left the king’s presence, she asked the king why he judged one way with her, but another for himself? She brought up the Absalom Amnon situation how the king did not require his son Absalom to return home from his banished state?

David figured out what was going on, “Hey who put you up to this,” he asked the woman. “Did my servant Joab put her up to this,” the king asked. She said, yep, and commented on how wise David was, as an angel of God to know all things that were in the earth.

David had Joab fetch Absalom from Geshur and Absalom was brought back to Judah. However, the grandson of Jesse wasn’t allowed to see the king. One problem was that the people of Israel loved Absalom because of his beauty.

Absalom a Beautiful Man

He was a Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt in their prime (depending on how you view things), and the people loved Absalom. It had been two years and Absalom still hadn’t seen the king.

In order to get an audience with the king, he made things hot for Joab. Absalom made sure he would be able to see his dad the king, by burning the yard of Joab.

He did this because he felt it better to stay in Geshur than in Israel, and needed Joab’s attention to make that clear. Finally, he was allowed to see the king.

And this is the summary of 2 Samuel chapter 14, glory to Honor.


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