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2 Kings Chapter 16 Summary: Chapter Summaries

2 Kings chapter 16 summary is about a king named Ahaz of Judah. Ahaz was named after king Ahab of Israel and did many of the sins of Ahab. He ruled in Jerusalem for sixteen years and did not do what was right in the eyes of the LORD as his father king David had done.

Ahaz was into many pagan rituals such as sacrificing his sons and for this God was not with him. Two kings came up to war with him during his days, Rezin of Syria, and Pekah of Samaria, however, they were not able to overcome him.

2 Kings Chapter 16 Summary

This caused Ahaz to send for the king of Assyria, Tiglath-Pileser, who came and assisted him. The Assyrian king killed the Syrian ruler and took the Syrian people captive.

Ahaz went to meet him (the king of Assyria) and thanked him for his help. While visiting in Damascus, he saw an altar that held captive his attention.

He was so enamored, he had the dimensions and patterns copied and sent home for his priest, Urijah, to make one for him. When he returned home, Urijah had completed the altar which Ahaz used to perform sacrifices for himself and the people.

The chapter ended with Ahaz, as he made a lot of changes in the LORD’s Temple to please the king of Assyria, Tiglath-Pileser. The rest of his acts are recorded in the chronicles of the kings of Judah.

He died and was buried; his son Hezekiah took over his rule in Judah. This is the summary of second kings chapter 16, glory to the ALMighty God of Jacob.


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