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2 Kings Chapter 10 Summary: Chapter Summaries

2 Kings chapter 10 summary began with Jehu, who now was strengthened and gaining momentum for the kingdom. He sent a letter to the stewards of the house of Ahab.

The letter’s concern was over allegiance and it wasn’t a very nice letter. Ahad still had seventy descendants who were still alive. These descendants had stewards and caretakers, and the head of the house of stewards received the letter.

The letter was a do or die letter. The “do” was for the stewards to eliminate the house of Ahab’s remaining sons. They could do that or the “die,” part, which was to do nothing and Jehu’s team would come to do it for them.

2 Kings Chapter 10 Summary

However, their lives would be eliminated for their idleness in the matter. The stewards chose to eliminate the house of Ahab themselves. They killed the seventy sons and sent their heads in a basket to Jehu within twenty-four (24) hours.

Jehu then let the people know he did plot to kill Joram, but he didn’t kill the seventy sons. He declared aloud that the LORD’s Word would be done and part of that was the eradication of Ahab’s house.

This led Jehu to remove the remainder of Ahab’s house, great or small, they were extinguished. Anyone associated with Ahab was targeted, like relatives of the king of Judah, Ahaziah, who were on the way to meet with Ahaziah (who’d been previously killed by Jehu).

The shock of their lives was to find out they would be and were killed also. Jehu felt he was doing everything that Elijah the prophet said would happen to the house of Ahab.

Jehu Gets Rid of Baal Worship

Next, Jehu made an announcement regarding his worship of Baal and Ahab’s worship. Ahab was into Baal, mainly through his wife Jezebel, but Jehu declared he would be into Baal one-thousand percent.

He announced a big feast to Baal and invited all of Baal’s priests and supporters. Jehu also announced that anyone who was not in attendance (who supports Baal) would be killed.

It was a trick! The place was packed from one end to the other of Baal worshippers. Jehu made sure no one who worshipped the LORD was allowed in. Jehu placed eighty men outside to guard against anyone who would try and escape.

If anyone got by a guard, it was his life in place of the one who escaped. This was serious! They made the fake sacrifice, then Jehu unleashed his guards to begin killing.

A Bloody Mess

2 Kings Chapter 9

Gruesome Alert! They killed everyone and threw their bodies outside. They carried out the statue of Baal and burned it, and began using it as a toilet in Samaria. Jehu had gotten rid of all Baalites.

He didn’t get rid of all pagan worship, but the LORD thought it good enough to allow his descendants to be kings in Israel for four generations.

Jehu wasn’t completely with the LORD, his zeal for absolute rule took over instead of implementing all of the LORD’s ways in Samaria. The chapter ended as the LORD trimmed the landmass of Israel by the Syrian king Hazael, and others nearby.

Jehu died after ruling twenty-eight (28) years in Samaria. This is again was the bloody summary of 2 Kings chapter 10, glory to Honor!


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