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2 Chronicle Chapter 20 Summary

In this summary, 2 Chronicle chapter 20 summary, we are in for a good lesson in faith and trust. The chapter surrounds the nation of Moab and Ammon; they and some others decided to fight against the kingdom of Judah. Word got to King Jehoshaphat about it and he was a bit worried.

However, in his fear, he consulted the LORD of Host and also proclaimed a fast. The nation sought the LORD in prayer, the king leading the prayers; he acknowledge the God of Israel’s power and might, and all that He had done for the people of Israel.

King Jehoshaphat even reminded the LORD of Host that they were the seed of Abraham, His friend. He reminded the Sovereign LORD of Solomon’s prayer facing the House of the LORD. Finally, Jehoshaphat, the king, presented the problem.

Jahaziel the Levite

“Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir are coming against us for no reason,” and he petitioned the great God of Israel for help, acknowledging how they had no might against such a great company of troops. Everyone stooped down before the LORD; then a Levite from the family of Asaph, named Jahaziel, stood up.

He was moved by the Spirit of the LORD and he began to prophesy before everyone. He proclaimed the Almighty told them not to fear because it was not their battle, but His. They were instructed to faithfully go by the wilderness of Jeruel with no instruments of war; all they would have to do is stand still and watch the salvation of the LORD.


The fear went away and they began worshipping and praising the Most-High and celebrating. They got there in the morning and did as they were instructed, believing in the LORD their Almighty, believing in His prophets, and they went down and sang.

As they sang, the Ammonites and Moabites came against mount Seir, killing them all. When they destroyed mount Seir, they then fought against each other and killed each other off. All Judah saw left were dead bodies fallen everywhere; it took them days to gather all the spoil.

They returned to Jerusalem singing and praising their Creator. The chapter concluded with the death of a good king, Jehoshaphat, and the good and bad that he did. This is the summary of 2 Chronicle chapter 20; glory to the God of Standing Still Salvation.


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