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1 Samuel Chapter 9 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Into 1 Samuel chapter 9 summary, we go. The chapter began with the selection of the first human king of the people of Israel. The selection came out of the tribe of Benjamin, of the family of Kish.

Kish himself was a mighty man of power in Israel, and there was a son of Kish named Saul. The chapter described Saul as a choice young man, goodly, handsome, and tall (tall dark and handsome for the ladies).

As the story goes, Saul looked after his dad’s business of sheep and donkeys. One day Saul’s father asked him to look for a couple of asses that wandered off. As he and a servant of the family went looking, Saul sought the intelligence of the prophet Samuel.

1 Samuel Chapter 9 Summary

At this time, Samuel and all the prophets were known as seers in Israel and they went to him for help to find the asses. As they look for the seer, Samuel (the seer they were looking for) came out and met them.

God informed Samuel that God would send him a man of Benjamin who he should anoint captain over God’s people. This captain or king, would be anointed to save them from the Philistines.

Samuel comforted Saul about the donkeys he was looking for and told Saul to have dinner with him the next day concerning God’s plans for him. Saul couldn’t believe it, he told Samuel that he was a Benjamite, one of the smallest family in Israel?

Guess what Saul?, God doesn’t care where you’re from! Saul said his family was the smallest family within the Benjamin family. God didn’t care! So Saul ate with Samuel and then let his servant return as Samuel showed Saul the word of God.

And this is the summary of 1 Samuel chapter 9, glory to the HIGHEST.


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