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1 Samuel Chapter 23 Summary: Chapter Summaries

1 Samuel chapter 23 summary began with a battle in a city called Keilah where the Philistines invaded. David enquired of God to see if he should go and beat the Philistines.

Out of worry of David’s men, David had to ask God twice and the LORD assured him a victory. David fought and saved the city from the Philistines. Saul learned about what David did and also that David was in Keilah and for some reason Saul thought God was on his side to destroy David.

Saul figured this because the LORD sent him to Keilah, a city that had gates and bars to go in and out. It would appear this was a trap, Saul thought. David again petitioned God to see if the city elders of Keilah would give him up to Saul or let him go.

1 Samuel Chapter 23 Summary

David believed since he delivered the city, they would be loyal to him. Nope. So he and his men, now up to six hundred (600) of them, left the city of Keilah and dwelled in the strongholds of the wilderness.

Saul’s men pursued and looked for him every day, but God continued to deliver him at every whim. An interesting thing occurred, Jonathan and David had a secret meeting in the woods, and Jonathan strengthened David’s hand in God.

My dad really wants to kill you, but keep your faith in God, God will deliver you,” Jonathan probably said to David. He really loved David. Jonathan talked about how David would be king over Israel and he would be next to David, and Saul knew it, but Jonathan didn’t care.

The brother-in-laws made another covenant with each other; this covenant secured David to become king and, Jonathan as his vice. The chapter ended as “Saulites” tried to get on the good side of Saul as they provided intel on David’s whereabouts.

As Saul pursued David, Israel was invaded by the Philistines and Saul had to leave his pursuits of David to protect the country. God at work for David and this is the summary of 1 Samuel chapter 23. Glory to Honor.


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