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1 Samuel Chapter 14 Summary: Chapter Summaries

1 Samuel chapter 14 summary started with Jonathan, the son of Saul, who led his arm bearer to spy against the Philistine army. He did this without his father’s knowledge. Now, Jonathan had a great deal of faith in the God of Israel, especially as it pertained to war.

Jonathan made signs that he’d communicated with the LORD. This is how he was able to have success, especially in this particular battle with the Philistines.

Meanwhile back at the camp, Saul and company realized Jonathan and his arm bearer were not present, and they’d heard the noise of battle with the Philistines. The Philistines were being destroyed and Saul called a fast as they battled continued.

1 Samuel Chapter 14 Summary

Jonathan didn’t hear about the fast and ate some honey and later on, he wished Saul didn’t call a fast because the mere taste of honey gave him much more energy to fight.

The son of Saul believed if the entire company ate they would have destroyed more Philistines completely. Saul was going to have his son killed because of the vow, but the people said Jonathan was the very reason they were beating the Philistines.

God was working through Jonathan, so Jonathan was preserved. Saul took the kingdom and fought against all his enemies and prevailed for Israel. The chapter ended with a description of Saul’s family.

The king of Israel had three sons and two daughters, his wife, Ahinoam, and his uncle who was the general of his army, named Abner. Saul began recruiting any strong and valiant man to become a part of his army.

This is the summary of 1 Samuel chapter 14, glory to Honor.


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