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1 Kings Chapter 21 Summary: Chapter Summaries

1 Kings chapter 21 summary will show us the extent of Jezebel’s wickedness, and the gruesome nature of condoning bad behavior. The chapter began with Ahab as he asked for the vineyard of a man named Naboth.

The man refused to give the king his family’s inheritance, as it was against customary law to sell one’s family inheritance. This left king Ahab dejected, down, and blue; not the way a king who has authority should be according to his wife.

Ahab’s wife, Jezebel, observed the sadness in the king and after he told her of his problem, she reminded him he was king of Israel. She also offered that she’d fix the situation.

1 Kings Chapter 21 Summary

She plotted to have Naboth killed, and to do this she would have false witnesses claim Naboth blasphemed God and king Ahab. A vicious evil woman right?

Well, the people stoned Naboth as Jezebel learned that her plan was carried out. She without hesitation informed Ahab that he was in the clear to take the property (vineyard) because Naboth had died.

Ahab did not for one second (according to the text) ask what happened or how did they gain possession (we have to imagine he did, but he just went along with his wife).

They simply took possession of the vineyard at the expense of another man’s life. As normal, the LORD had a front row to this and HE sent Elijah the prophet to make Ahab aware of his evil actions (note, Elijah didn’t go see Jezebel).

Elijah also warned him (Ahab) that the same evil he did to Naboth would be done to him, and worse. The LORD also passed sentenced on Jezebel too and credited Ahab of doing more evil in Israel than even Jeroboam (OUCH!!).

When Ahab heard all these words, he was sorry and remorseful. He walked humbly and softly, so the LORD sent the prophet Elijah back to Ahab.

This time the message declared that the evil the LORD prophesied against Ahab would not come in the days of Ahab, but in the days of his sons. It pays to repent and walk humbly!

This is the summary of 1 Kings chapter 21, glory to Honor.


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