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1 Kings Chapter 19 Summary: Chapter Summaries

1 Kings chapter 19 summary continued the story from Elijah’s triumph over the false prophets of Baal. Yes, Elijah destroyed them in a who’s God is the real God contest and killed those false prophets.

Ahab, king of Israel, told his wife, Jezebel, what transpired and she was not fearful at all. She simply threatened Elijah’s life. Elijah, who through God, bade fire to come down and eat his sacrifice, panicked, got scared, and ran off to hide in a wilderness.

From there he requested God to kill him; then an angel touched him and commanded he get up and eat (like the Snickers commercial, he wasn’t himself while hungry).

1 Kings Chapter 19 Summary

The man of God ate and should have been back in his right mind. The second time the angel told him to wake and eat. He did and the food lasted him forty (40) days and forty (40) nights, and from there he went to Horeb, the mountain of God.

While in a cave there the LORD met him. The LORD then asked him, what he was doing there? He replied, he was the only prophet left and ran for his life. Hmm, thought the LORD?

Then the LORD God showed Elijah a great hurricane, breaking rocks to small pieces right before him. After that, God showed him a great earthquake, and finally, the LORD showed him a great fire.

The LORD was not personally in any of these elements (whirlwind, earthquake, and fire), but showed them to Elijah. The LORD asked Elijah a second time, what was he doing there?

He repeated his answer the same as the first time. The LORD then ordered him, to go to Damascus and anoint Hazael king over Syria (Yes, the LORD anoints other nation’s kings also!).

Elijah Replaced

After the prophet anointed Hazael, Elijah was then to go and anoint Jehu king over Israel. The last one probably raised his eyebrow (because it did ours). The prophet of the LORD was sent to anoint Elisha to become the prophet in his place.

Sounds like Elijah just got retired or fired, however, one looks at the situation.

The LORD then said to Elijah, anyone who escaped the sword of Hazael, Jehu would kill, and whoever escapes Jehu’s sword, Elisha (a prophet) would kill.

And by the way, the LORD also told Elijah that God has reserved seven thousand (7,000) in Israel, who have not bowed the knee to Baal, nor kissed him. Elijah went and picked up Elisha, and this is the summary of chapter 19 of 1 Kings.

Glory to the Sovereignty of the Highest GOD.


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    You´re missing entire parts of the chapter, where is the go away party and the oxen being killed?

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