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What is the Ministry of the Holy Spirit and How to Tap In?

What Bible Study topic, subject, or chapter would you like to learn in more detail? We are opening those again now that the Father is once again, sending His Spirit to gather His saints once again for the last time; we feel the need to address questions.

Many of the questions are not asked clearly, but we’ll do our best to answer them as well as we can.

Questions and Answers from BSM Newsletter

Today’s question is:

What is the Ministry of the Holy Spirit; Prayer and Intercession, & how to tap into the realm of the spirit through worship and entering into the Throne Room of Almighty God; and The Prophetic Ministry.  (I will stop here for now)?

These are good questions. I’m not sure which angle you ask concerning the ministry of the Holy Spirit. It is a very simple yet elaborate answer, I will restrain from answering here. Whoever asked this, you can email me by going to the contact section of the website or reply to this email and I can give a more direct elaborate, and simple answer.

In total simplicity, the ministry of the Holy Spirit is the angels or spirits sent to us to lead and guide us in the ways of God. When the scripture says He put His laws in our hearts, this is to say we have a consciousness in which the Holy Spirit leads us.

Most people ignore promptings to read scriptures or read certain scriptures. Oftentimes, we ask a question, which we are supposed to do, ASK and it will be given, but we ask a question in our thoughts or outwardly; an answer comes to us, but we go to a guy like Elder Ishe for confirmation.

Trust in the Lord

The answer was already given or provided. Begin to trust the answer and use the confirmation as simply a second witness. This way you will learn to hear from the Holy Spirit more readily.

Consequently, this is also how you have prayer and intercession and how to tap into the realm of the spirit. You must spend time with the LORD ALMIGHTY either by quietness, reading followed by quietness, and the meditation of the Almighty, followed by (you guessed it) quietness.

If two people are talking to each other and one picks up their phone to check a text message while the other is talking, what do we consider that? RUDE! If we are bombarded with distractions while attempting to be in communion with the Holy Spirit, She will stop the conversation and may not visit you for another couple of months.

Keep Reverence

Be respectful and listen; to do that you must quiet your mouth and your thoughts. Also, set a routine; no one likes when you just pop up in their office or home. Set a schedule and show up ready and on time.

Just as we build human relationships, we need to build spiritual relationships too! As for all things else, ask, seek, knock, and keep the commandments of Christ, and He will send the gift of the Holy Ghost to all who ask with sincerity.

You’ll have the prophetic ministry, the ability to step into the Throne Room, the gift of healing, prayer, and the sweet fellowship and communion with the Holy Ghost and Spirit.

I pray this has been edifying in the name of the Son of God.

Elder Ishe / Brthr Nhmyh


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