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What is Isaiah Chapter 24 Verse 5 Saying?

What is Isaiah Chapter 24 verse 5 saying? Welcome to your Bible Study supplement source; today we have a question and answer. The verse in question is from the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament, specifically Isaiah 24:5. To understand its meaning in context, it’s important to look at the broader passage and the historical background of the text.

Isaiah 24 is a chapter that contains a prophecy of judgment against the whole earth for its rebellion against God. In the preceding verses, Isaiah describes a desolation that will encompass the entire world. This desolation is not limited to one particular nation but extends to all people on the earth.

The verse in question, Isaiah 24:5, provides an explanation for the judgment and desolation that is to come.

Let’s break it down:

“The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof;” –

This part of the verse speaks of the defilement or corruption of the earth. It states that the land itself has been tainted or polluted by the actions of its inhabitants.

“…because they have transgressed the laws,” –

The reason for this defilement is that the people living on the earth have violated God’s laws. In the context of the Old Testament, these laws would primarily refer to the commandments and moral principles God had given to the children of Israel, as well as the broader sense of moral and ethical principles that God expects of all the sons of Adam (daughters included).

“changed the ordinance,” –

The people have altered or changed the established order or ordinances that God had set in place. This refers to societal norms, respectful living situations, religious or spiritual practices, or even the fundamental principles of justice and righteousness. Look at most laws today; they practically beat up the poor.

“broken the everlasting covenant.” –

Here, the people have violated a covenant, which signifies a solemn agreement or contract between God and sons of Adam. The “everlasting covenant” likely refers to the covenant God made with all of creation, particularly with Adam, Noa, Shem, and Abram, including the promise to enrich and protect them if they obey His laws.

In summary, Isaiah 24:5 is part of a prophecy describing a worldwide judgment and desolation. It attributes the impending catastrophe to the moral and spiritual corruption of the earth’s inhabitants. They have transgressed God’s laws, disrupted established orders, and violated the eternal covenant between God and man. This verse emphasizes the idea that the judgment is a result of mankinds’s rebellion and departure from God’s ways.

Thank you for being here, as we customarily say, Be Strong and Very Courageous and repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.

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