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The Meat and Buns of the Scriptures

We hope this posting finds you in good health and high spirits. We here at BSM love the Bible, sharing inspiration, exhortations, and knowledge about it, primarily where we believe the pillars of the Bible are founded. The foundation of the Word of the Great Creator is in the History, Prophecy, and Principles that sum up the Word of the Eternal Father.

Our website has been public for over 15 years and we’ve been writing and publishing lessons for almost 20 years. Our readers span from pros to those just beginning to learn the Word. They span from as far east as China all the way west as sunny LA. We have people from Catholic backgrounds who are fascinated with the bible summaries because they grew up without knowledge of the bible stories. 

Also, they were not permitted to read them and thus hearing or reading about them today makes for a grand experience. Many of us would probably take that for granted because we were dragged to Sunday school so we do not gawk over the stories or are thrilled in their consistency with our very lives today.

History and Prophecy

The chapter summaries give the story and the history, but within them are principles our ancestors lived by or chose not to. Another way to say principles are laws, codes of conduct, ordinances, and statutes. 

The way we live present day and the way we lived in the past will constitute or direct the way the future goes. The future we call prophecy. When we put them together we get a meaty sandwich. 

If history prophecy and principles were a burger, the buns would be history and prophecy. The meat would be the principles. The meat of life is how you live; do you treat your fellow like you would want to be treated? 

Do you treat your Eternal Father’s other children right and righteously? 

That’s your burger, that’s your meat. The bread or the buns, are history and prophecy. They are important because they can change the way your meat tastes. In other words, they can change your principles.

Papa Was a Rolling Stone

I remember learning my great-granddad had 27 to 30 wives. I briefly went from wanting one wife to wanting 50 and thought for a second that was okay. See how the historical information changed my principles for a moment. For some people it doesn’t just change them for a moment, but forever. 

This is why having accurate historical information is key and crucial.

Last, faulty or bogus history changes the future; it changes the outlook of prophecy. 

For example, if you aren’t sure who the Assyrians are, which is historical content, some of the prophecies you read will certainly be off. 

You could be waiting for a country to do something written in the scriptures today, and completely miss that it has already happened because you have faulty bogus historical information

Do you see how this works and how it is all intertwined (connected)?

So I just want to thank you for your patience because as I mentioned, we have beginners, people from other religions, and seasoned Biblical professionals who read our website and open our emails daily. Some celebrities (don’t email asking who), some pastors, and scholars.

Now we know we have ALL inherited lies and things of no profit, hence our unprofitable lies series and our Abantu Research and Study Bible project. 

Sure, the stories are old for many people, but the geography and landscape of Africa does change our conceptual historical perspective. If our history is altered and reshaped, it will undoubtedly reshape our future outlook on prophecy. 

We’re throwing out stale molded buns for freshly baked bread and buns all to make for a better burger. History, Principles, and Prophecy will taste better for the spiritually-minded person. Keep in mind, it will taste good in the mouth but will be more bitter than Jamaican Cerasee leaf and bitter like Nigerian bitter leaf soup in the belly.

Rewriting Biblical History

So continue to be patient, and you will learn the rewritten history will totally make you understand why the prophet Jeremiah said this:

Jeremiah 16:19 O Great Spirit, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.

There is very little way around Abram leaving Egypt and heading south. There’s no way around ancient maps highlighting the Niger River today written as the Euphrates River in the scripture. 

The names of Shem and his seed are vastly located all over West Africa today, there is little I or anyone else can say to change these monumental things that of course amend the history we received from our fathers. 

Get the Meat, Not Just the Carbs

So take it in as best you can, it’s just the buns to your meal; the majority of spiritual nutrients are in the meat. We must live right, with good fruits. If you’re living according to the fruits of the spirit, you have good meat.

And if you really have good meat, a minister rebaking your slices of bread with full compassion and love should not going to make you go ham on him in anger and frustration.

I hope this email or post, with the parable within it. Whichever way you have received it we hope it helps you comprehend the direction and goals of As well as with our sister sites (IKOPPI – 

Love and Regards,

Minister Koko

(Tell a friend about us, about the movement for truth and righteousness, all for a better world community)

Written with all love and Spiritual regards


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  1. Peter Malambo Peter Malambo

    Dear brethren we are in the great controversy between Good and evil Revelation chapter 12:7-9 outline. The battle started in Heaven with one exalted Angel Lucifer Isaiah 14:12-14 and Ezekiel 28:12-28 after Lucifer fell from heaven he brought along with him one third of angelic hosts. Verse 11 woe unto the inhabitants of the earth for the devil is come down with great wrath. In garden of Eden the deceiver deceived The Woman Eve disobeyed God and ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Thus sin came into the world. And death passed to all humanity. Verse 14 the battle shifts to the pure Woman God,s church clothed with the Sun,moon under her feet and gardled of twelve stars upon her crown. Satan goes to make war wit the remnant of her seed who Keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Verse 15 the dragon Satan casts a flood out of his mouth to drown the woman but the earth opened it’s mouth swallowed the flood waters out of his mouth. this figure or woman is God,s church that runs through the ages. Old testament church and it’s figures and symbols is depicted by the woman having the moon under her feet. The sun with which the woman God,s church is clothed with is a representative of Christ,s righteousness. The diadema of twelve stars is a type represent ancient Isreal and the early apostlic church in the new testament. The verse says the woman was given wings to fly into the wilderness to be fed by God for a time,times and dividing of time. This period covers the time paganism creeped into the church and the church sort after civil power. 2 thessalonians 2:3-4 the day of the Lord will not come first unless there comes a falling away first and the man of sin is revealed the son of perdition who exalts himself above God and sits in the temple of God as if he were God. For centuries the PAPACY locked up the word of God and persecuted those who stood for the truth whom she deemed as heretics. The protestant reformation brought light by exposing the Papacy and like said; Truth is progressive the Waldenses kept the knowledge of the Sabbath but as time went by they lost this fundamental Truth. Revelation 10 introduce angel who stands on one feet on the sea and on the land and his hand was a little book and he gave it to John and he ate it. It was sweet in the mouth but bitter in the stomach. God raises up a movement that restored the lost truths. We see the emerging of the millerite movement that begin the proclamation of the THREE ANGELS MESSAGE. Summary the first angels message calling men and women to fear God and give him the glory and to worship him for the hour of his judgement is come. The judgement hour message came by the milerite studying the sanctuary and the 2300 days of Daniel 8:14 the investigative judgement on the antitypical day of atonement the high priest moved from the holy place to the most holy place. All th sins in the daily were transferred to the scapegoat and it was driven into the wilderness away from camp of the Israelites. There were two goats one lot for the lord and one the Azezel. The Azezel

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