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The Accuracy of a Nuclear Warhead or ICBM

Do you know the accuracy of a nuclear warhead or ICBM once it is detonated? First off, this post isn’t about nuclear war, ww3, or any other possible carnage we face as a society. What I want to talk to you about is the accuracy of such an instrument.

Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, and Xi Jinping all sit at their desk, but with the push of a button, they can detonate an entire city or province. How? Science and scientists. We should call them even scientists, but we don’t know who had a gun to their head to perform their brilliance, so we’ll just say scientists.

These scientists who work for their state understand the science of launching a rocket, missile, drone, and even a warplane with precision and landing it just the same.

Sleeping in Science Classes

Shame on me, but I wasn’t always awake during science class as a youth, but I remember once hearing that when I launched something pointing in a direction, and my formula and equations were set, I could and would know with precision where it would land and when it would land (as long as it wasn’t a paper airplane that could be adjusted by outside forces like wind).

This is how a city could be alarmed and notified by officials regarding how much time they have to evacuate or duck for cover if one of our presidents mentioned above decides to take the action like thugs.

What does this have to do with anything, Bible?

When a missile is pointed towards, let’s say Fresno, California, projected from Albany, New York, if we turn the projected launch half a foot to either direction, what would we have done to the landing point? Would it still land in Fresno? Physics suggests it wouldn’t.

Physics suggests you may not land in Fresno or California for that matter.

The same when it comes to goals; if you are attempting to be a lawyer, scientist, award-winning doctor, or business owner, fruit gathering for the kingdom, or simply seek the kingdom and its righteousness, it begins with the goal and being on the right projectile to reach it.


Here’s the question pastor or choir member; if your goal is set, but your first steps towards it are in the wrong direction, will you still get to your goal?

If your goal is law school and the first step is to study for the entrance exam to law school, but you study for the entry exam to med school, take the medical exams, and have entrance into med school, will you be on the path to being a successful lawyer?

Probably not.

You’re on the wrong path, thus you’ll end up at the wrong destination. For the Kingdom of the Great Creator, the path is the path of righteousness. For Bible Study, the path is having clear informative details, experience, and comprehension (knowledge wisdom, and understanding) of the books of the Bible and other books that can complement the Bible.

History Prophecy and Principle

The knowledge, wisdom, and comprehension of history, the same for the principles, and prophecy is vital. Without it, we just have stories.

When the beginning of the journey is off in its direction, by even the smallest point, the destination will also be off. This is why we are going to take a hard pivot here at BSM.

We have inherited lies because the foundation of our launchpad towards our goal, which is salvation through the Son of the Great Creator, and acquiring the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the mysteries of the Kingdom, were all turned half a centimeter (well, more than that) from the foundation of the world.

Things were turned upside down so that the word or warning from the prophets of the Great Creator appear bad and false, and the word from Satan’s ministers appear good and true. I rebuke that and rebuke Satan in the name of the Anointed Son from the Father in Heaven, our Great Creator.

Pending Launch Coming Soon

In the next week or two, we’re going to release a couple of books that will recondition the population of Christianity. The wicked won’t understand or comprehend, but the righteous will. We pray you are among the righteous. All you have to do is follow along until the Spirit of the Great Creator takes you by the wings.

May the Great Creator enrich you and keep you, and shine His Face upon you and give you peace.

The Accuracy of a Nuclear Warhead or ICBM

Minister Koko 

BSM Team 

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