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Another Satan Possessed Man Coming to Europe

Another Satan Possessed Man Coming to Europe

Another Satan Possessed Man Coming to Europe

Prophesy says that the world will end with a flurry of violence as the kingdoms of the world fight against the coming Kingdom of the Messiah, who in fact in intervening the massive fight going on in the earth between the east and west, north and south.

The fight over who will be king over the earth.

It will be so bad, Jesus said, He has to cut it short or no life will survive. I’ve been watching documentaries on the world wars and these wars were nothing short of vicious.

I mean it was terrible and for the Bible to prophesy that it will be worse than that is, quite frankly scary. Gerald Flurry of the Key of David does a good prophecy show and was speaking on Adolf Hitler, the former dictator of Germany, who led the killing of over 60 million people.

According to the Bible, someone will come along and make Hitler’s number look like a drop in the bucket. More important than being fearful of the time to come, is to get aligned with the Creator who promises to protect His own.

Watch and learn, and most importantly pray. We encourage learning through study to understand what is going on around you.

Another satan-possessed man will come to Europe and attempt to have world domination to establish his kingdom, but be mindful to know it will not last. Only Jesus Kingdom will be established forever.

Praise God in Jesus name.

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