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The Need of Ruling Your Spirit

Controlling Your Mind (Spirit)

Ruling your spirit can be said another way as one having self-control. This is not simply self-control of one’s anger, but also of all emotions, thoughts, and actions.

It is ultimately putting oneself in complete control, which is the strongest of all the qualities a person can wish to attain in their life.

As Christians, our goal should first be to seek the kingdom ofGod. To do this, one needs to first be dowsed with the Holy Spirit.

In this reference of the Holy Spirit, it is the spirit that fills one’s mind, the Word of God. When this spirit is upon us, we then have the ability through zeal and knowledge to know and do the right things.

Rule Your Spirit

Why do Christians need self-control (or the ability to rule one’s spirit)? It is because of the message Jesus Christ shared with the world. Christians are supposed to be the epitome of peacefulness, calmness, understanding, and charity.

With all of these labels upon a Christian, it behooves us to develop the ability to rule our spirit. This is to have control over our anger and to regain control of our thoughts. Our thoughts become our reality.

What our mind dwells on repeatedly or constantly is what we will see materialize in our lives. For this very cause, it is vital for us to take control of our thoughts (spirit). We also need to certainly rule our anger and emotions.

Evil Spirits Break into the Mind of…

Proverbs, it says that a man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. Such a city is hopeless and has been taken over by those who broke into it. Evil spirits break into the mind of a person who lacks the ability to rule their spirit.

Their spirit is then ruled by outside forces. Also in the book of Proverbs, Solomon stated that anyone that is slow to anger is better than the physical mightiest person on the earth. And whoever can rule his or her spirit is stronger than those who can take a city down.

Why is this? It is because the mind is one of the hardest things to control. Once one can do this, they have possessed the strongest ability. This is vital for Christians because the world is watching Christians like hawks.

Ruling Your Spirit or Become a Hypocrite

They watch so as to point out inconsistencies in behavior and in doctrine, and this further mocks the teachings of Jesus Christ. When one proclaims to be a Christian and constantly has trouble controlling their thoughts, emotions, anger, and actions such a person will adopt a new label.

That label will be one of a hypocrite and will give the enemies of the God of Israel reason to be mocked or blaspheme. How to does one develop the strength to rule one’s spirit? All things can be done of course by fasting and prayer.

Fasting and prayer put one’s mind constantly on the object of desire or needed result. What we focus on consistently becomes our reality. Also, fasting brings us closer to the God of Israel (Jesus). However, if fasting and prayer are not a cup of tea for the reader, to develop the gift of being able to rule one’s spirit is by conscious practice.

Learn to Replace Feelings… Renew the Mind

On a daily basis focus one’s mind on controlling thoughts, emotions, and behavior.  When bad thoughts come into the mind, stop (take a moment) and replace it with a good thought. When feelings of anger and frustration enter into the mind, stop (take a moment), and replace them immediately with feelings of love and kindness.

Focus on what you want.

This will take conscious effort. At times the feeling or want to return to one’s former behavior will appear needful or even entertaining. I grew up in a neighborhood that had loud music being played on the block, cars driving by rattling with a base from their music, women, and men arguing in the streets, and it was a headache to live in but it was life.

When I went away to college, it felt good to come back to the hood and smell the strife going on in the streets. I realized I was conditioned to love where I came from. With this comes the tendency to think, feel, and do what the area and people do and behave like them.

I had to remove myself for that because I would only get the results of the average person in that environment. It is not necessary to move, at least not immediately, however, it is necessary to mentally move or set oneself apart mentally in order to grow and rule your own mind!

For Christians, ruling your spirit is to put on the mind of Christ.

This will be a slow process and will demand the development of another Christian trait; that patience and long-suffering. Suffer from the growth process this will demand and it will make a better, stronger, and more successful and devoted Christian, we are all striving to be. Rule thy spirit; it is best to always be in control. God bless in the name of Jesus, amen.


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  1. Eric Smith Eric Smith

    Thsnk you for this passage . I love receiving your messages. Thank tou for this encouragement!

    • Praise the Most High God of Israel brother Eric; continue in grace peace and blessings.

    • Aka Aka

      I really appreciate.god bless all of u guys.luv u Bros.❤️💕❤️

  2. I enjoyed the content. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and reminding us of the importance of cultivating a controlled mind. God bless you.

    • Amaka, the ALMIGHTY bless you too; thank you for being here and testifying.

  3. Kathleen Kathleen

    Just what I needed to hear.

    • Praise the Eternal Father, Kathleen. It’s just what we all need.

    • Laina Laina

      One way to rule over your spirit is by spending more time with the Lord Jesus Christ.
      So many times we say, replace it with a good thought but is there really any progression in that?
      By spending more time with God i mean, putting away the things of this world and instead take time praying, worshipping and reading the word of God.
      Repent, and repenting can be from your phone or any other thing that you spend so much time on. The only reason why even Christians cant control their spirit is because they are still in bondage with the things of this world. You cannot love the world and love God.

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