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Power Over Satan Through Jesus Christ

Many people do not harness the power of their God at all. Christians over look what the captain of our salvation did when He was tempted of Satan in the wilderness as He for 40 days and 40 nights. Jesus responded to Satan with scriptures; therefore not leaning on His own personal strength, but on the strength of the Word of God. We should not forget the fact that Jesus rose from the grave and proclaimed that ALL POWER in Heaven and in Earth is given unto Him. Therefore, we ought to rely and tap into the POWER of Jesus Christ to overcome the devil.

To often we attempt to fix and fight our battles alone. Jesus looks at us and shakes the head, perhaps even has a laugh. Jesus had and has authority and power over Satan and has given that power to us through faith and commitment to Him. This Bible study will move you deeply to understand the nature of the power over the devil we have if we only believe and commit to our belief!

Get your notes ready, get your Bible and study alone with us and be edified in the Mighty name of Jesus.

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