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Persecution of the Jews After the Fall Jerusalem and Rome

The persecution of the Jews continued in Europe after the fall of Jerusalem. Welcome back to the M24 6th Seal Series. The previous post on this series was on the afflictions and tribulations attained by Paul for the gospel’s sake. We will continue to document the persecution, affliction, and tribulation the Jews endured since their expulsion from their land.

The kingdom of Judah fled into Africa after the destruction of Jerusalem; nevertheless, the captured were taken as captives. They were sold as slaves throughout the Mediterranean countries of Europe and also Asia.

Therefore, we have the house of Judah as captives in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Don’t forget, we have the house of Israel (Ephraim-Samaria) captive in Asia and the Americas. Persecution of the Jews continued to take place after the fall of Rome in 476 AD.

The Jews Were Expelled from the Countries

The fall of Rome led to the rise of Arab rule which forced many Jews to convert to Islam. Affliction happened in the 1300s -1400s when the Holy Roman Empire began to resurrect itself.

It was called the renaissance period. Renaissance is the french word for rebirth; the Roman Empire was experiencing a rebirth of its deadly wound was healed. In 1492, King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castille conquered the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada.

The capture of Granada finally freed Spain from Muslim rule after approximately 800 years of dominion. Not long after, the monarchs, whose marriage and conquests cemented Spain as a unified kingdom, began to issue the Alhambra Decree, which mandated all Jews to be expelled from the country.

France Portugal and Spain

In 1478, Ferdinand and Isabella instituted the Inquisition. This was an effort by Spanish clergy to rid the country of heretics (code for Jews who believed in CHRIST as the Jews as HIS people). In addition to this, pogroms were instituted. What are those?

Pogroms (slaughter), individual acts of violence against Jews, and anti-Semitic laws had been features of Catholic Spain for over a century before the Alhambra Order, causing deaths and conversions that greatly reduced Spain’s Jewish population (see for further reference).

The same took place in France, Portugal, and other kingdoms, including the Americas. This persecution took place where France, Spain, and Portugal made their conquests of the “new world.”

We will even find out that the Jews were called by so many other names and bywords, you’ll begin to be amazed who are Jews from the house of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi today.

And they are scattered across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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