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Memorial of the Passover 2017

Memorial of the Passover 2017

Memorial of the Passover 2017

This is a joyous occasion in what it means for many people around the world. It is especially so since the Lord asked that we, followers of the Lord, remember Him through this very occasion, the Passover.

Let’s quickly memorialize the event. It began in Egypt for the Israelites as the Lord was delivering them out of the bondage of Pharaoh, and passed over the houses who had faith in the Lord.

They showed this faith by doing what the Lord commanded them to do, which was to put the blood of the lamb over their doorposts. The blood represented being covered by the blood of the lamb, whom the Christian world has come to know as Jesus the Christ.

Fast Forward.

Jesus the Christ came in the flesh to offer the ultimate sacrifice that will bring the earthly kingdom back into right-standing with the Heavenly Kingdom. This needed to be performed in order for this to become official.

Jesus Christ became our Passover, literally passing over our transgressions, bringing us back into right standing or righteousness before God the Father and the Heavenly Kingdom.

The Passover Scene

Jesus sent Peter and John to prepare the Passover, and the Lord already had an upper room furnished and booked for He and His disciples.

When the evening came upon them, they sat down to eat the Passover. Jesus told His disciples that He’d been desiring to eat this Passover with them before He suffers His fate. This was so because He wouldn’t eat the Passover again until it is fulfilled in the Kingdom of God.

Memorial of the Passover 2017

This is when the Lord took the cup, gave thanks, and commanded they take the cup divide it among themselves to drink. “This is my body, which is given for you; this do in remembrance of me,” the Lord said to them as He took the bread on the table.

He did the same thing with the cup of wine saying, “This is the New Testament in my blood, which is shed for you.”

Once a year on the Passover, the Lord expects us to remember His sacrifice so that the coming Kingdom is always on our minds. As the ambassador Paul wrote, let’s purge out the old ways, the old sins, the old lifestyle, so we can become a new lump, a new person, unleavened.

This means, for us to walk in love, without sin because Jesus Christ our Passover has been sacrificed for us. The Passover shows that we are covered by the blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and are restored to the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Enjoy your Passover, and praise the Lord as you do.


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*Remember, the next night is the first night of the Feast of Unleavened Bread!!



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