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Lifestyles: Wisdom is Justified of Her Children


Wisdom is Justified of Her Children

Number Thirty-Five: There is a generation that is like children sitting in the markets shouting at their friends. “We have played our music,” yet their friends have not danced. They told their friends sad news, yet their friends have not lamented or mourned with them.

Such generation has no emotion, no care, no attentiveness, and no bother. They are lukewarm, neither cold or hot. They do not care. You can become really hip and cool, or intrench in worldly activities, it doesn’t matter.

Go clubbing, eating at exotic places, drinking some of the finest wines, yet they aren’t impressed. You can become pious, avoiding worldly activities, drinking only spring water, and stick to a strict vegan diet.

Harry Potter, Black Panther, Stephen King… 🙁

They can find you consuming oatmeal, almond butter and raw real strawberries and blueberries does nothing. You can be seen praying over the meal longer than it takes to eat it. They are not impressed.

You can read worldly books like Peter Pan, Harry Potter, and anything from Danielle Steel, James Patterson, and Stephen King collections. Go ahead and engage in some of the best book clubs and reviews out there; nothing.

You can quote the Quran, the Hindu book of wisdom, and every book of the Bible, including the “lost books.” The results are the same; some will, some won’t, so what’s next! The Master was recorded as being a riotous glutton and winebibber.

…wisdom is justified of her children

Wisdom is Justified of Her Children

He had friends who were publicans; these are tax collectors of the public. The Master was with openly seen with rebellious people towards the Heavenly Kingdom. Nevertheless, wisdom is justified of her children. Avoid being like such a generation. Wisdom is justified of her children!

Show emotion, show concern, show compassion. Also, continue to play, they will eventually dance. Continue to relay good or bad news; they will eventually mourn with or celebrate. The ambassador Paul once said to be all things to all people.


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