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Leviticus Chapter 4 Summary: Chapter Summaries

Leviticus chapter 4 summary, the sacrifice for sins. This chapter will introduce the concept of the sin offering; here we go. God continued the conversation with Moses. The convo concerned the ordinances of the offering and sacrifices of the children of Israel performed by the priests.

This chapter covered the sin offering and the ordinance behind it. If a soul or person sinned through ignorance against any of God’s commandments, they were required to bring a young bullock without blemish to God for a sin offering.

The priest would then perform the sin offering; the anointed priest would kill the bullock, take his blood, dip his finger in the blood and sprinkle the blood seven times before the LORD who was behind the veil in the sanctuary.

Leviticus Chapter 4 Summary

The fat was required to be removed as with the peace offering for burning before God. Then the whole bullock was carried out of the campus to a clean place where the ashes were poured out after being burned on wood with fire.

This same process was done if the entire congregation of Israel sinned ignorantly against God. The priest made an atonement for the entire congregation in the same or similar manner as was done for the individual.

A ruler who sinned against the LORD would follow the same process, except they brought a kid of the goats without blemish. If a common person sinned in ignorance, they follow the same procedure as well, except they would bring a female kid of goats or lamb without blemish.

The anointed priest would then make an atonement for them. And this is the summary of Leviticus chapter 4, glory to the Highest God.


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