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First Things First, the Kingdom of God


priority of the kingdom

First Things First, the Kingdom of God

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

-Matthew chapter 6

Thinking of the phrase first things first, we are simply talking priority. Jesus ultimately says in this verse, seek or search for the kingdom of God and God’s righteousness, and all things you need, want, and desire will be added to you. Do you believe this?

I don’t know who is reading but I would statistically suggest the average person does not. The average person has bad priorities. They are searching for happiness, wealth, love, caring relationships, money, career, prestige, and many other things.

However, God said to search for the Kingdom of God and all things will be added. How do you search for a Kingdom, much more the Kingdom of God? I remember a scene from a movie called “Coming to America,” the prince Akeem was seeking or searching for a bride, and he decided to look in America.

First Things First, the Kingdom of God bible study ministry

His servant asked him where in America should they go between Los Angeles or New York? A coin flip decided on New York. They pondered where in New York they would be able to find a lady fit to be a queen.

Searching the map, they found the subdivision of New York called Queens. They traveled there to search for the potential bride. How do you search for the Kingdom of God.

Well, I can save you a trip to Heaven, instead read and study the scriptures, and begin to live as Jesus Christ taught His students, as He taught the children of Israel, as He taught Adam and Abraham.

Learn about how kingdoms operate, and put yourself in alignment with the King, Jesus Christ Himself. If you do this, it is your beginning step in making the Kingdom of God your priority. You’d effectively be putting first things first, the kingdom of God.

This will be the principal thing in your life, this will be your focus, just as water, food, and shelter are. Just as clothing, protection, and security are; and love peace and happiness are. The Kingdom of God possesses all of these things, and this is why it must be your priority.

Every human and spiritual need is in the kingdom of God. If you’re wondering how to seek or search for the kingdom of God, you’re invited to hang with us, as we will be sharing how to search for and find the kingdom of God, and make your citizenship and election sure.
Praise God in Jesus name, and praise God for you.

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