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In the Treasures of Wisdom: Daily Devotion

The dread and the fear of the Sovereign LORD does something so powerful for man; it puts away sin. Therefore, those who are without the reverence for the LORD Divine are not able to be justified. The wrathfulness of the sinner’s pride will destroy and is destroying him.

The Treasures of Wisdom

A patient man will suffer diseases and discomforts much like the proud man. However, the patient will suffer until a certain time, then afterward he will yield full mirth again and become joyful. The patient will hide his words for a time, then the lips of many men will tell his wisdom.

In the treasures of wisdom, there is an indication of having knowledge and discipline. Nevertheless, devotion to the Most-High is an abomination to the transgressor. Seek and keep wisdom as the treasure of your soul!


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This devotion is based on Sirach chapter 1 verses 16-20


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